Among the variety of options we offer for bakeries and artisan ice cream shops, the equipment for the preparation of all kinds of desserts and culinary creations could not be lacking. For this section we partner with SilikoMart, Professional Line, brand chosen by the most renowned chefs in the world.

SilikoMart is a 100% Italian company and is specialized in the production of silicone molds and utensils for confectionery, pastry, cooking and ice cream. They propose innovative, refined, practical and functional products combining perfectly with essential features within the kitchen such as resistance, durability, safety and high performance.

In addition, SilikoMart has the STECCOFLEX patent,  technology used to make ice cream sticks with silicone molds.

SilikoMart Mold

A broad portfolio to choose from

Silikomart offers a wide range of products, such as:

Molds: Silicone molds with innovative shapes, from the most classic to the most modern, ideal for your bakery.

Tart 4.0: Microperforated rings and silicone molds of the Tart 4.0 range, they are a reinterpretation of a great pastry classic, with a modern, exclusive and attractive design.

Mats: a wide variety of silicone mats for baking and fermenting bread, decorating desserts, cooking dishes and cake design.

Accessories: They have kits, nozzles and bags for pipes, spatulas, pastry cutters and many other accessories to improve their production in pastry, catering, ice cream, chocolate and cake design.

Exhibibion, Storage and Transportation: Accessories and products ideal for storing, transporting and exhibiting in bakeries and catering.

Kits: kits designed to easily create, transport and store your pastry products in multiple layers. You will only have to fill the mold following the indicated measures, store it in the blast chiller and, once your recipe is frozen, you just need to flip and unmold.

Food selection: In this section you will find all the ingredients, such as plastic chocolate, sugar paste, gelatinizing agents, decorative sprays, gluten-free cake preparations and much more to improve your pastry production.

SilikoMart ice cream
dessert mold SilikoMart


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