Machinery for Ice Cream Making and Bakeries

Together with high quality raw materials, having the right machinery is a fundamental basis for any ice cream or pastry shop. Therefore, for machinery we have chosen ICETECH.

ICETECH Gelato Equipment is a 100% Italian company with an international presence and long experience in the ice cream market. Since 1980 they have been dedicated and have been outstanding for bringing quality and innovation to the manufacture of artisanal ice cream machines and bakery equipment.

If you are looking for an equipment provider with an excellent quality-price ratio, this is without a doubt the greatest option.  Their equipment, fruit of years of labor, experience, research and development, together with vanguard technology provide characteristics that make them stand out in the sector.

ICETECH is reliability, time saving in each phase of production, saving resources both energetic and hydric. They also represent high quality production materials, durability and respect for the upmost severe sanitary rules, to be able to provide efficient, practical and effective machines.

Icetech machinery
Icetech Mik
Icetech KITTEN

The list of machines is composed of:

  • For Ice Creams and Bakeries: cream makers, pasteurizers, maturing bins, multifunction machines, cream cookers, express ice cream machines, 3 in one cream makers built in pasteurizer.
  • Big Facilities: For high volume production
  • Ice Cream Shelves: with modern and practical designs
  • Accessories: mixers, fridge closets and homogenizers to make tasks easier

With this wide array of machines and accessories, we trust ICETECH to be the perfect vehicle to improve and increase the production of your ice cream shop or bakery. We offer our experience in choosing the perfect machine for your business.

Two Icetech Machinaries
Icetech Soft
ice cream display cabinet


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