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At Calemi we believe in excellence and care for quality, both in our daily efforts and in the products we offer. That is why we work together with the Babbi company, recognized for its extensive experience of over 65 years as well as its extensive product portfolio.

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Are you looking for supplies for your ice cream or pastry shop?

We offer you selected raw materials, quality ingredients, artisanal production and great passion for the manufacture of artisanal ice cream and high-level pastry. To do so, Babbi has created different product lines and raw materials for a unique ice cream making, where tradition and innovation coexist:

  • Bases and Neutrals for Ice Cream Making
  • Cremes and Doughs
  • Glazes, decorations and toppings
  • Coverings and granules
  • Gluten Free Line

Babbi has also achieved rigorous quality standards in each of its products, with numerous quality certificates that support them, from ISO 9001, FDA Certificate. It also got the approval to provide gluten-free products by the Italian Celiac Association, as well as suitable products for vegans thanks to the VEGAN OK Certificate

Also, at Calemi, together with Babbi, we offer to master ice cream makers a global service besides of commercialization of products: 

  • Formation Courses, 
  • Technical Support, 
  • Support during the opening of sale points
  • Development of personalized recipe collections.

The freshness of its ingredients, the authenticity of its products, the way in which they are made, the experience and skills acquired throughout the years of work generation after generation, made us choose this company, as the ideal collaborator that will give you the momentum you are looking for your business.

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