Kenon Coffee

Coffee is a fundamental product in the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and coffee shops), which is why we work with a commercial ally known for producing premium selections of Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties: Café Kenon.

Café Kenon is a Company with decades of experience in the production and development of coffee blends with incomparable flavors. This Italian family company’s objective is to offer the market an excellent coffee, product of the combination of artisanal techniques and high technology.

As Café Kenon suppliers we can offer you selected roasted coffee with care and wisdom. So are the Café Kenon beans, authentic, natural and aromatic, which, when produced, give excellent creaminess and body, as well as an intense and determined taste, as required by the best Neapolitan tradition.

coup of Café Kenon

Coffee, a perfect complement to a bakery or an ice cream shop.

For any professional bakery and ice cream parlor, coffee represents a key complement to its products, to enjoy an excellent experience.

Therefore, in Calemi we value coffee quality and its origin very much, to offer the best coffee selections, with different flavor and textures intensity, and thus prepare a delicious cup of coffee.


Cream Bar: Selection consisting of 70% Arabica coffee and 30% robust coffee. This selection is characterized by a high percentage of Arabica coffee, which results in a more articulated aroma and a softer texture in the mouth, while retaining a very compact cream.

Café Kenon Cream Bar


Baby Bar: Selection consisting of 50% Arabica coffee and 50% robust coffee. It has a significant percentage of robust coffee and, therefore, is stronger in flavor intensity and caffeine content.

Café Kenon Baby Bar

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