Chocolate and Cocoa

What would be the world of pastries and ice creams without chocolate? We know the importance of this delicious ingredient in a wide variety of desserts.Therefore, we offer a complete selection of cocoa and chocolate toppings to get the best flavor for different creations and preparations.

Together, being aware of the importance of chocolate quality, we decided to work with ICAM to bring an exquisite Italian chocolate to your business. This company has the passion for chocolate in its veins and has been passed through for three generations, meeting the highest quality standards at each stage of the production line.

Our alliance with ICAM allows us to offer our customers different products like:

  • Chocolate toppings reserved for professional use: coverage of dark chocolate, with milk and white.
  • Chocolates: Gianduja Chocolate, White Chocolate and Baking Chocolate.
  • Top quality cocoa: from Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, reduced fat cocoa powder, sweetened, flavored, as well as cocoa pastes, butters… for different uses.
  • Creams and coatings with balanced cocoa percentages for maximum performance.

This represents an extensive variety of options to meet the different demands of our customers.  Each coverage’s recipe is specific for a technical performance and intensity of flavor, and thus achieves excellent results in chocolate, pastry and ice cream productions.

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