We have selected the best quality, also for the working materials: SilikoMart, PROFESSIONAL Line.
SilikoMart is a company 100% Made in Italy located near Venice and specialized in the production of silicone cups and kitchen utensils for pastry, cooking and ice cream.

SilikoMart offers a wide range of functional, practical and beautiful products, combined with safety, quality and benefits. SilikoMart is a true specialist in silicone: the material used is of the highest quality, the best on the market, namely 100% platinum cured liquid silicone, which is odourless, tasteless and respectful of food laws. 100% platinum cured liquid silicone is also purer than other types of silicone and it guarantees the highest results.
And to this day, SilikoMart holds the STECCOFLEX patent, which is the technology used to make stick ice creams with silicone cups.